На постоянной основе закупаем пшеницу твердую, пшеницу мягкую, рапс, лен, ячмень *** На постоянной основе реализуем продукцию собственного производства муку пшеничную хлебопекарную в/с, первого сорта, второго сорта, отруби пшеничные пушистые. *** Реализуем семена масличных культур - рапс, лен. *** Реализуем пшеницу твердых и мягких сортов всех классов, ячмень.***

Our Staff

"SevEsilZerno" company showed itself to good advantage in the domestic and international grain market. Over the years we have formed a good team of employees — highly qualified specialists with high experience in the field of grain and its products.

Our Staff:



1. Director and sole founder

Dadashov Rasul Mutallimogly

Tel.: +7(7152) 33-55-93


Marketing and Logistics Department

Efficient work of the Marketing and Logistics Department and strong links based on our long-term reputation allow us to fulfill our contractual obligations on time. Our customers are always sure that after signing the contract all the products will be delivered to them on time and in full.

Our managers prepare the entire set of documents to export. Our partners in many countries trust us not only for the quality of our products but also for the service provided during the delivery to the desired point of destination all over the world. 


1. Procurement and Sales Department Manager 

Gasymova Taisiya Honahmedovna 

Phone: +7(7152) 33-88-34

Cell-phone: +7(777) 134-88-00

Skype: taissiya2015


2. Procurement Commercial Manager

Maryev Evgeniy Eduardovich 

Phone: +7(7152) 53-18-42


3. Deputy Marketing Manager

Trifonov Aleksandr Valeryevich 

Phone: +7(7152) 33-55-93

Cell phone: +7(705) 442-10-12


Production Manager, Technologist

Dolgiyev Aslan Borisovich 

Phone: +7(702) 554 63 08

Chief of Laboratory

Melnikova Tatiana Aleksandrovna 

Phone:+7(7152) 53-18-42

Market news


Страны ЕС нарастили объем экспорта пшеницы на 12%



В СКО вернут в госсобственность 330 тыс га земель



Когда пошлина на экспорт что тормоз для дела



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