На постоянной основе закупаем пшеницу твердую, пшеницу мягкую, рапс, лен, ячмень *** На постоянной основе реализуем продукцию собственного производства муку пшеничную хлебопекарную в/с, первого сорта, второго сорта, отруби пшеничные пушистые. *** Реализуем семена масличных культур - рапс, лен. *** Реализуем пшеницу твердых и мягких сортов всех классов, ячмень.***

The reliable supplier will assist You in purchase of Kazakhstan rape and flax at the best price.

The reliable supplier will assist You in purchase of Kazakhstan rape and flax at the best price. SevYesilZerno LLP dominates in Kazakhstan in sale and supply of Kazakhstan rape and flax. Managers of the Company will help You to decide on the way of shipping and provide full information on rape and flax. 

Rape and flax are the most popular purchasing agricultural oilseeds. SevYesilZerno LLP sells only high quality seed of rape and flax which was grown following the modern practice of world agriculture and which was stored in accordance with the international standards. 

One of the most important conditions of flax growing is the absence of weeds during seeds sprouting, as well as in the overall initial growth period of the crop. Flax seeds can sprout even at the partial thaw. Flax is frost-hardy. This is due to the fact that the root system of flax goes deep enough into the ground for about 70 cm. The soil treatment is also of great value for the crop. It all starts with soil treatment before sowing. The soil should be ploughed up and leveled. The use of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers is necessary at the different stages of flax growth. Forecrops are also of great importance. It has been proved that the best yield of flax can be got after wheat, melons, and pulse crops. Flax is planted in rows. The row width depends on various factors such as available machinery or forecrops. 

Flax sprouts within 1-1.5 weeks. Plant lice and other pests must be properly disposed of during the crop growing.

Flax is taken in the harvest within a certain amount of ripe flax bolls. The harvest usually begins at 75 percent of ripe bolls. This mostly concerns oilseed flax. Flax is mown and stacked into so-called windrows. The windrows should get dried and only then they can be deseeded. One of the most important points here is the closure of combined harvester. 

Seed moisture during storage should not exceed 11%. 

Rape, as well as flax, must be sowed only in well ploughed and disposed of weeds soil. The rapeseed sprouting is quite long and it is very important to get rid of weeds during sprouting and growing. Forecrops have great influence over the rapeseed. The most favorable forecrops are barley and winter wheat. The re-sowing of rape in the same soil can be only within 4 or more years. Rape cannot be planted after those crops that share common pests with the rape such as cabbage or sugar beet. Spring rape is more widely used that winter one. Its characteristic feature is frost resistance. Two times more amount of fertilizers must be used for growing rape in comparison with other crops. After ripening and harvesting, rape is cleaned and dried. First it is cleaned and only then dried to 8-9% of moisture content. Sorting and drying of seed is made with the help of special machinery and equipment. It is important to conduct daily control of seeds temperature and quality during the storage time. Temperature shall not be above 15 degrees. 

Kazakhstan is one of the major suppliers of rape and flax. SevYesilZerno LLP from Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan can help You with purchase of rape and flax in average or greater volume.


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