На постоянной основе закупаем пшеницу твердую, пшеницу мягкую, рапс, лен, ячмень *** На постоянной основе реализуем продукцию собственного производства муку пшеничную хлебопекарную в/с, первого сорта, второго сорта, отруби пшеничные пушистые. *** Реализуем семена масличных культур - рапс, лен. *** Реализуем пшеницу твердых и мягких сортов всех классов, ячмень.***

Promising crops such as rape and flax are in great demand among many companies in different countries and regions.

Promising crops such as rape and flax are in great demand among many companies in different countries and regions. If You want to buy Kazakhstan rape or flax, please contact  SevYesilZerno LLP, one of the most reliable suppliers in the field. 

Future development of rape and flax planting is obvious. This is due to the growing needs of alternative fuels. 

The profitability of rape processing is undeniable. If you compare the purchase cost of one ton of rapeseed and the cost of one ton of rapeseed bio-fuel, it will be clear that this crop is very promising for economical development of many regions. 

Biodiesel produced from rape is already widely used in many countries of Europe. According to the reports, about 75 percent of the produced biofuel is obtained from rape. 

Therefore, the demand for rape in 2020 is supposed to increase significantly. This growth is also due to the fact that biofuel has several advantages if compared to gasoline. First and foremost, this fuel almost lacks of sulfur. This means the minimal exhaust gases. Besides, the significant advantage in the use of rapeseed biofuels that will satisfy car owners is that it helps to increase engine life. 

Few are aware that biofuels production is simple. First, rape seed is pressed. As a result there is cake and oil. The oil is mixed with methanol and alkaline catalyst that transforms into methyl ether that is biodiesel. The by-product of the reaction is glycerin. 

The other greatly valued by-products of the rape processing into biofuel are meal and cake. Rape meal and cake are used for production of feed for poultry and other farm animals. 

For another thing, rape cultivation has positive effect on the ecology of the region. One hectare of maturing rapeseed disengages about 10 million liters of oxygen, while one hectare of deciduous or mixed forests disengages about 4 million liters of oxygen. 

The flax cultivation depends on the demand for its seeds. In addition to the traditional use of flax seed there are other prospective lines of development which shall increase the demand of flax.

Thus, production of cellulose from flax is one of the upcoming trends due to the increasing demand for medical, hygienic and cosmetic products, such as wipes, bandages, cotton, plasters and others. According the data of 2015-2016, the demand for the above goods has almost doubled in comparison with 2012-2013. 

Some developers outline another promising direction of flax use. It is the manufacture of solid fuels and gunpowder for propellant charges. The escalation of tensions increases, so does the flax demand for cellulose, which in turn will be used for production of solid fuels and gunpowder for propellant charges. 

Strategic directions of use of oilseeds are studied and supplemented with new ideas every year. In this regard, the economies of various countries feel the need to purchase rape and flax. To cover the demand, many companies are increasing production of rape and flax, paying attention to the quality of soil cultivation, fertilizing and harvesting as well as proper handling and storage of seeds. This is done to ensure that quality performance of rape and flax are high and correspond to the best international standards. 

If You want to purchase Kazakhstan rape or flax, You are kindly requested to send e-mails to SevYesilZerno LLP using the following addresses.

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