На постоянной основе закупаем пшеницу твердую, пшеницу мягкую, рапс, лен, ячмень *** На постоянной основе реализуем продукцию собственного производства муку пшеничную хлебопекарную в/с, первого сорта, второго сорта, отруби пшеничные пушистые. *** Реализуем семена масличных культур - рапс, лен. *** Реализуем пшеницу твердых и мягких сортов всех классов, ячмень.***

SevKazYesil LLP supplies rape and flax. Please, email us if You want to purchase Kazakhstan rape or flax.

SevKazYesil LLP supplies rape and flax. Please, email us if You want to purchase Kazakhstan rape or flax.

SevKazYesil LLP is focused on supplies of rape and flax.

Rape oil is widely used in a large number of countries when just cooking salads, roasting meat and poultry, as well as in the food industry for the production of margarine. The taste of rape oil can be compared to that of olive oil. Rape oil is very popular and is used in many regions instead of any other oil. There are several reasons to that. One of the reasons is that the oil eventually doesn’t lose its transparency and doesn’t begin to emit an unpleasant smell when interacting with air. For example, soy oil changes its smell when exposed to the open air over time. 

In the West rape oil is also called canola oil. Since 1985 canola oil has been certified to be safe for human consumption. 

The demand for rape is still growing. This is due to the growth of its use in non-food industries. In view of increasing demand for biological liquid fuels made from the plants, rape is becoming more popular as a form of liquid biofuels. Given the fact that the exhaust gases of vehicles that use gasoline and gas are harmful for the environment and for human health, rape oil is an excellent alternative fuel. In the future it will be able to solve the problem of atmospheric pollution by exhaust gases. 

After the rape seeds are processed for oil, they become oil cake and meal. These processed products contain large amounts of protein. This protein is very similar to the protein of soy, eggs and cow's butter. Besides, the cake that is cleaned from seed hulls can be used as well-digesting food for farm animals and is similar in its quality and other characteristics to soy meal. 

We should also focus on oilseed flax that is supplied by SevYesilZerno LLP.

The seeds of this kind of flax can contain up to 45 percent of oils that quickly dry and form a thin smooth glossy film. Therefore, the flax oil is the most acceptable for the paint industry. Drying oil used in high quality paints for aircraft, automobile, shipbuilding and electrical industries is manufactured on the basis of flax oil. In this connection growth and development of these industries increases the demand for flax oil. Besides, the quality of flax seed should be confirmed by relevant documents. 

Flax area in Kazakhstan grows every year. The crop is resistant to temperature changes. Flax is also a highly profitable item of Kazakhstan agriculture and is being paid great attention to. Therefore, the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the major flax suppliers to the countries and regions that have needs in flax. Our flax is of high quality that can be certified by corresponding documents upon the delivery.

SevYesilZerno LLP has large and long experience in the supply of Kazakhstan rape and flax. If You are picking where to purchase Kazakhstan rape and flax from, if You are looking for big amounts of rape and flax, then You should better contact SevYesilZerno.

SevYesilZerno  is a reliable supplier that will correspond to the most convenient delivery terms. 


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