На постоянной основе закупаем пшеницу твердую, пшеницу мягкую, рапс, лен, ячмень *** На постоянной основе реализуем продукцию собственного производства муку пшеничную хлебопекарную в/с, первого сорта, второго сорта, отруби пшеничные пушистые. *** Реализуем семена масличных культур - рапс, лен. *** Реализуем пшеницу твердых и мягких сортов всех классов, ячмень.***

Kazakhstan rape and flax can be purchased at the most favorable prices considering that the quality meets the highest international standards.

Kazakhstan rape and flax can be purchased at the most favorable prices considering that the quality meets the highest international standards. Rape and flax are of great importance for industry of different countries and regions. Therefore SevYesilZerno LLP proposes to supply rape and flax at the best prices in Kazakhstan. 

Rape is a very important oilseed crop. Fatty acid composition of rape oil is very close to that of sunflower oil. In addition rape oil has unsaturated fatty acids that are very healthy. Rape oil is widely used in the production of margarine, sandwich butter and other food products. The study of the properties of rape oil leads to the increase of production and, as a consequence, to the increase of rape planting areas in Kazakhstan. 

The high content of erucic acid in the rape oil allows the use of this product in various kinds of industries such as painting, printing and others. 

Rape contains large amounts of proteins. This property is used in the production of protein for the cattle feed that is supplied to cattle farms and enterprises. However, alongside with the high content of protein rapeseed contains organic compound that is unsuitable for poultry and for cattle. That is why only rapeseed meal and cake are mostly used for the production of cattle feed. It is important to specify that the number of digestibility of rape products equals 70%. For example, sunflower cake has got only 50%. 

The rape stalks cropped during growth and budding are used for the production of cattle feed besides the seeds. This feed is used for beef cattle and other ruminants. It contains a huge amount of nutrients for the cattle. Green fodder is a very important factor in the livestock industry. Therefore, the green mass of rapeseed plants has a great demand besides rapeseed. 

The remarkable fact of the blossoming rapeseed is its honey-making. Up to 70 kg of honey can be collected from one hectare of rape in the flowering period. 

Oil flax is also of great importance for various branches of industry. Flax seeds are widely used in medicine as a wonderful mean for general improvement of the body and in particular for the gastrointestinal system. 

But still the most important feature of flax is the drying oil that contains in its seeds. Therefore, oilseed flax is widely used in the paint industry. High-quality technical flax oil is highly valued in the production of paints for footwear industry and others. Besides, oil flax is used in electrical industry. 

As well as rape, flaxseed meal and cake are used for cattle feed. This feed shall be pre-cooked as it contains large amount of protein. 

The demand for oilseeds grows with the development of different areas of industry. It has more advantages to purchase Kazakhstan rape and flax from SevYesilZerno LLP. Large supply volumes lead to better pricing for the Customer. 

The value of rape and flax in the economy grows every year. The quality of these crops must meet the criteria of every particular kind of industry. It is therefore important to find a reliable supplier to purchase Kazakhstan rape and flax. 


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